The Benefits

Cart Gloves are a simple way to add an additional layer of protection when shopping or doing groceries.

Environmentally Friendly

Cart Gloves are reusable and washable. No more waste!

Dishwasher Safe

High quality materials allow Cart Gloves to be washed at high temperatures.

Easy to Carry

Cart Gloves fit easily in your purse or cargo pockets, car console or your shopping bag

Easy to Use

Wrap around the handle of your cart, regardless of size and lock with our adjustable interlock

Complete Protection

Cart Gloves wrap around the entire handle and leave no gap.

Extra Protection

Cart Gloves provide you with an additional layer of protection when out shopping.

A Simple Solution

Our cart gloves are designed to provide you with an extra layer of protection from unwashed handles.They are lightweight and can easily be kept in your purse, cargo pockets and car console.

Easy and Practical

Quick and easy to apply to your shopping cart handle using the interlocking design. Our cart gloves are dishwasher safe for your next worry free shopping.Fits most standard shopping cart handles.

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